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Maintaining Cyber Hygiene to Combat Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks are on the rise and don't seem to be slowing anytime soon according to the Canadian federal government analysis. As reported by the Cyber Security Center (CSE), the internet and its governing systems are changing rapidly with global forces like China and Russia pushing towards a top down governing system to enable their governments to have greater access to…
Quentin MacAulay
November 18, 2020
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Adapting to COVID-19 by Redesigning Company IT Architecture

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected business architectures of all sizes, from small commercial business to large corporations forcing them to quickly adapt their IT solutions to meet this new landscape (Stats Canada reported that 4.6 million worked from home in July 2020). With many organizations planning to support remote work for the foreseeable future, this new normal in the workplace…
Quentin MacAulay
August 27, 2020
COVID-19Remote Work

The Great Migration of the Workplace: Working From Home

The year 2020 has given many businesses an ultimatum to either adapt or fail. With the COVID-19 pandemic and regulations set in place by authorities regarding social distancing practices, many business’ have been forced to operate almost entirely in an online remote setting. However, to do this successfully, certain technological mechanisms need to be implemented to make the move from in-office to…
Quentin MacAulay
August 6, 2020
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Why Cloud Based Managed IT Services are the Future

The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the world for good in many ways including how many companies conduct their business. With the majority of the them transitioning from traditional offices to work from home situations, Managed Service Provider (MSP) companies around the world have transitioned to cloud based systems and have been working overtime to help their clients stay up…
Quentin MacAulay
July 16, 2020
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How to Safely Transition Back to a Traditional Office Environment

It has been almost three months since the COVID-19 coronavirus was declared an international pandemic and companies around the world had to move their staff quickly and safely to a work from home situation. Now with restrictions slowly being lifted, companies are starting to plan their transitions back to more of a traditional office set up with additional healthcare precautions. …
Quentin MacAulay
May 7, 2020
Managed Services

6 Reasons to Switch to Managed IT Services

It's become increasingly common for companies to have third parties provide Managed IT Services for the businesses because of the undeniable benefits they provide that can help take their work to the next level. From back up and disaster recovery to setting up workstations for staff and centralizing communication tools, Managed Services help companies implement strategies that lead to reaching IT…
Quentin MacAulay
April 22, 2020