4 Keys to Protecting Your Business Against Ransomware

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Ransomware attacks on businesses are increasing every day and it’s estimated that cyber scams cost businesses in the United States $10.2 billion dollars in 2019As implied, ransomware is a kind of malware that infiltrates a person’s device and demands a ransom in order to gain back access to said device and/or private information. With over 10 years of experience and knowledge, Resilient IT is equipped to protect businesses in the lower mainland from cyber security threats of any kind.

Check out 4 tips for protecting your devices from ransomware:

Solidify your Initial Line of Defence

The top four causes of ransomware infection are spam emails, lack of cybersecurity training, weak passwords and gullibility. Employees must be prepared to recognize the first signs of ransomware so that they can report any possible security risks. With how quickly businesses can be threatened by ransomware, the best form of protection is a solid initial line of defence.

Develop a Strategy to Address Continuity

While it’s impossible guarantee safety against ransomware, it’s important to develop a strategy if and when it happens to protect the continuity of your business. Antivirus, patch management and system rollback systems are necessary to remove ransomware without having to reach into your pockets.

Hire a Cybersecurity Professional.

Whether it comes from an in-house IT team or a Managed IT Service provider like Resilient IT, every business needs access to a cybersecurity professional. In comparison to the billions of dollars lost every year, the cost of a dedicated IT services team is miniscule.


With the ability of current ransomware to infect businesses on multiple channels, having an extensive list of solutions is necessary to ensure your business is as secure as possible. As ransomware attacks increase and the technology behind them grows, the phrase, “better safe than sorry,” applies now more than ever.

Looking for cybersecurity professionals to protect your business against ransomware? Schedule a call with Resilient IT now.

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